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My work is for those that seek to evolve, heal and find  peace in the New Era.

Bring me your unexplained pain.

Regression Therapy is an extremely deep, effective and safe method for solving problems, emotional patterns and unexplained pain or fears. Regression Therapy uses hypnosis or guided imagery to take an individual back to early memories and sometimes previous lives. During this higher state of consciousness we can access deep memories for the sake of healing, solving mental and physical health problems. In these sessions, downloads of information and insights from the subconscious mind can enable a person to access their inner potential and achieve positive transformation in their lives. 

What Past Life Regression Therapy can help you with:

  • Alleviating Phobias

  • Terminating Unexplained Pain

  • Remedy the Fear of Failure or Success

  • Building Confidence

  • Resolving Relationship Problems

  • Overcoming Anger and Resentment

  • Removing Guilt

  • Finding Your Inner Voice

  • Ending Sadness and Depression

  • Overcoming Dependencies

  • Resolving Feelings of Abandonment

  • Breaking Unhealthy Patterns and Habits

  • Clearing Nightmares and Strange Dreams

  • Enhancing Sleep


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Lisa Lazarus

The sessions are meant as complementary and alternative therapy to use in addition to health regimes prescribed by healthcare professionals.
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