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Meet Lisa

My  journey began at 8 when my Grandmother told me of an experience she had feeling her third eye while doing Yoga. I was curious by nature and ask her to describe it. My grandmother replied “I cannot tell you what it feels like. You need to experience it yourself. Life is best when experienced first hand.” and so my quest began. Grandma Kelly was a huge influence on my life. She was known for reading tea leaves and doing séances. I was always fascinated by what you cannot explain or perceive with the 5 senses. I started doing Yoga as a teenager, Tai-Chi in her twenties. But I yearned for more answers to the big questions about life. I set out on a 10 month journey to Asia. At 24 years old I landed alone in Bangkok, Thailand and so it began, the start of a new life.

It was during that time I met a German woman, Dimini, who was doing Past Life Regressions. At the time I was too timid to undergo a hypo-therapy session but the encounter left a lasting impression. I continued her studies in Shiatsu, Japanese Acupressure and Vipassana Meditation.


I continued my spiritual studies which led mw to the Kabbalah Center. It was here I got to hear lectures on The Gates of Reincarnation by Issac Luria. Past lives is a big theme in Kabbalah, like many faiths. However, I did not know how I could access past lives on my own. I searched for many years for a teacher and at last in 2018 one finally appeared.

Andy Tomlinson from the Past Life Regression Academy  taught a holistic and healing approach into looking into our past for the benefit of our current lives. I also learned about clearing energy blocks, removing unexplained pain, healing trauma and inner child work. The course was a well rounded approach to healing.

Having a deep drive to help people I now practices in San Diego, California. In these ever changing times, I want people to understand their life’s purpose and move beyond their pain. What I loves about this work is that the client takes an active role in their own healing. It is my hope that in healing each individual we can make this planet a more peaceful and beautiful place to live.

I have been called intuitive, charming and funny. My sun sign in Cancer with Virgo rising and moon in Leo. Open and honest I will be happy to connect with you